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Auditor Harmon Releases First Volume of Annual Statewide Single Audit of Commonwealth of Kentucky
Fiscal Year 2019 report contains eight findings from APA audit of financial statements

Today, Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon released the first volume of the annual Statewide Single Audit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (SSWAK) for Fiscal Year 2019.

The SSWAK Volume 1 report details eight findings by Auditor Harmon’s office, and contains recommendations to address audit findings for the Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC), Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT), and the Department of Workforce Investment (DWI). All eight findings for the Fiscal Year 2019 SSWAK Volume 1 report are considered significant deficiencies, with one repeat finding from the SSWAK Volume 1 audit for Fiscal Year 2018.




Auditor Harmon: New Law Leading to Savings for Taxpayers on Audits of County Sheriffs, Clerks
Auditor releases initial savings numbers for agreed-upon procedures (AUP) engagements

Acknowledging how every dollar counts for many counties across the Commonwealth, today Auditor Mike Harmon announced the first-year savings from a new law that allows agreed-upon procedures, or AUP engagements, for county sheriffs and county clerks that meet eligibility requirements to receive them.

“Initially, when we pushed for legislation to allow AUP’s for local sheriffs and county clerks in Kentucky, we estimated counties would save between 25 and 50 percent on the cost of an AUP compared to a full financial statement audit,” Auditor Harmon said during remarks at the Kentucky County Judge/Executives Association’s winter conference in Lexington. “Based on the first year of AUPs, the savings for sheriffs and clerks exceed 60 percent.”




Lack of Oversight and Improper Reimbursements Highlight Special Examination of Kentucky Child Support Enforcement
Questions by state auditors as part of review helped lead to indictment of former Boyd County Child Support Office Manager

A special examination released today by Kentucky Auditor Mike Harmon helped lead to the indictment earlier this month of the former Boyd County Child Support Office Manager. That information is included as part of a special examination of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ (CHFS) Department for Income Support (DIS) Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program by Auditor Harmon’s office.

”Following questions by auditors, the office manager in charge of child support for Boyd County reportedly acknowledged she had been taking money from the child support office. The Boyd County Attorney informed auditors as well as the Kentucky State Police, and the office manager is now facing an indictment for multiple counts, including theft of over $113,000 from the office’s payroll and operating accounts,” Auditor Harmon said. “By simply asking questions and shining a bit of sunshine, it appears our auditors aided in the investigation that brought about her indictment.”




Auditor Harmon: Repeated Dire Warnings Were Ignored During Procurement Phase for KentuckyWired
Phase 2 exam of KCNA also highlights negotiations after project contract was signed that led to a $1.5 billion burden on Kentucky taxpayers

Despite repeated warnings from outside consultants before and after the original contract was signed, including from two paid more than $1.3 million by the Commonwealth, state officials signed off on a statewide broadband project that led to a $1.5 billion price tag on Kentucky taxpayers for the next 30 years. That is one of the conclusions reached from the results of phase two of the examination of KentuckyWired, and the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) by Auditor Mike Harmon’s office.

“The first phase of our exam, which we released last September, highlighted how this project went from a $30 million investment to taxpayers being on the hook to pay more than a billion dollars for KentuckyWired,” said Auditor Harmon in releasing the report. “What we found in phase two was there were numerous changes made after the Commonwealth signed a contract with the main contractor for the project that ‘flipped the script’ to move the costs and risks from private investors, and placed it almost entirely on taxpayers.”




Auditor Harmon Releases Results of Financial Statement Audit of Teachers’ Retirement System
Report for Fiscal Year 2019 has no findings

Auditor Mike Harmon, Kentucky’s 47th State Auditor, today released the results of a financial statement audit by his office of the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement Systems (TRS) for Fiscal Year 2019.

“This audit of the Teachers’ Retirement System is important because it enables taxpayers, educators, and policymakers to be aware of how the system has performed and have confidence in the information presented in its financial statements,” said Auditor Harmon. “Our report contains no findings, but it comes on the heels of our recent special examination of Kentucky’s public pension systems, including TRS, and their compliance with Senate Bill 2’s transparency requirements.”




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