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  • [6/8/16] Auditor Mike Harmon Releases Annual Audit of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. One finding to be referred to Kentucky State Police, Executive Branch Ethics Commission for further investigation
    Audit Report
  • [5/3/16] Auditor Mike Harmon Announces Special Examination of the Kentucky Horse Park. Exam will look at financial activities of park for Fiscal Years 2014, 2015, 2016
  • [3/29/16] Auditor Harmon Releases Second Volume of Annual Single Statewide Audit of Commonwealth of Kentucky. Audit identified two material weaknesses, 16 significant deficiencies
    Audit Report
  • [3/25/16] Statement from Auditor Harmon Regarding House Passage of Senate Bill 63
  • [3/21/16] Statement from Auditor Harmon Regarding House Passage of Senate Bill 168
  • [3/16/16] Auditor Harmon Testifies on City Audits Bill in House Committee
  • [3/10/16] Auditor Harmon Speaks to Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts
  • [3/10/16] Auditor Harmon Talks with Press Following Passage of Senate Bill 68
  • [2/9/16] Auditor Harmon Tells Legislative Panel His Agency Will Make Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Work.
  • [2/2/16] Auditor Harmon Releases First Volume of Annual Statewide Audit of Commonwealth of Kentucky
    Audit Report
  • [12/29/15] State Auditor Releases Examination into Bowling Green TIF Project, Finding a Lack of Oversight, Misspending of TIF Revenues
    Audit Report
  • [12/16/15] State Auditor Releases Examination into City of Prestonsburg, Finding Questionable Spending by Former Mayor, Former Comptroller
    Audit Report
  • [12/10/15] State Auditor Releases Examination into City of West Buechel, Finding Wasteful Spending, Questionable Purchases and Lack of Accounting
    Audit Report
  • [9/21/15] Auditor Releases Special Report on Sexual Assault Evidence in Kentucky, Finding 3,090 Untested Sexual Assault Kits and Breakdowns in the Process for Handling Kits
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
    Explainer Video
  • [8/26/15] Auditor Releases Special Examination into City of Somerset, Finds Employees Feared Retaliation, Officials Conducted City Business with Little Accountability
    Audit Report
  • [8/26/15] Auditor Releases Special Examination into City of Somerset, Finds Employees Feared Retaliation, Officials Conducted City Business with Little Accountability
    Audit Report
  • [8/8/15] Auditor Releases Recommendations to Improve Efficiency and Accountability in Kentucky’s Public School Districts
    Audit Report
  • [6/29/15] Auditor Releases Special Examination of Fairview Independent Schools, Finding Out-of-Control Spending on Activities, Athletics with General Fund Dollars
    Audit Report
  • [6/17/15] Auditor Launches special examination of TIF project in downtown Bowling Green
  • [6/10/15] Auditor  KASAP to host 14 stakeholder meetings to discuss the untested sexual assault kit crisis
  • [5/11/15] Auditor Releases Audit of Kentucky’s Title VI (Civil Rights) Reporting and Implementation Plans
    Audit Report
  • [4/15/15] Auditor initiates statewide count of the number of untested sexual assault kits. Study will likely lead to grant money to test kits, major recommendations for reform
    Press Conference Video
  • [3/30/15] Auditor releases special report on the financial strength of rural hospitals
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
  • [2/9/15] Auditor releases first Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System audit conducted by Auditor’s office
    Audit Report
  • [2/4/15] Auditor releases volume one of the annual statewide audit of the Commonwealth
    Audit Report
  • [1/15/15] Auditor releases Southeast Bullitt Fire District exam, finds weaknesses in financial controls. Fire Department also in violation of special district reform law Auditor Edelen spearheaded in 2013
    Audit Report
  • [10/9/14] Auditor releases Shelby County Schools exam, details scheme used to steal almost $600,000 from the district
    Audit Report
  • [9/17/14] Auditor releases Fayette County Public Schools special examination, finds fiscal mismanagement, disparities between administrative and faculty benefits
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
  • [8/19/14] Auditor Releases CVG special examination, calls for restructuring board. Recommends governor, legislature revise laws to clean up decades-old mess
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
  • [7/8/14] Auditor to conduct public hearings to assess the fiscal health of rural hospitals
  • [6/11/14] Auditor Applauds Signing of Cyber Security Legislation. Bipartisan Measures Ensure Kentuckians Alerted if Their Sensitive Data is Compromised
  • [5/21/14] Auditor Releases JCPS Exam, Making More Than 200 Recommendations That Affect Classroom Funding, Address Inflated Bureaucracy
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
    JCPS Chart
  • [4/22/14] Auditor praises prison sentence for former superintendent
  • [4/16/14] Auditor applauds passage of bill improving school finance officer standards
  • [4/15/14] Auditor Releases Audit of the Former Owsley Clerk’s Fee Account, Finds Cumulative Deficit of $307,768
    2012 Audit Report
    2013 Audit Report
  • [3/6/14] Auditor urges Senate leadership to protect taxpayers, pass House Bill 5
    Press Conference Video
  • [3/4/14] Auditor releases Bluegrass Area Development District special exam, finds serious, systemic concerns about the agency’s financial activities
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
  • [2/28/14] Auditor receives national honor from prominent technology magazine
  • [2/13/14] Auditor releases City of Covington special examination, finds former finance director stole at least $793,000
    Audit Report
    Press Conference Video
  • [1/30/14] Auditor Applauds Passage of Cyber Security Legislation
  • [1/14/14] Auditor, State Reps. Denny Butler, Santoro Outline Bill to Enhance Cyber Security Measures
    Press Conference Video
  • [12/20/13] Auditor Marks Midpoint of Term; Hails Reforms in Schools, Medicaid Managed Care and Special Districts
  • [12/19/13] Auditor Releases Report Highlighting Cyber Threats and the Need for a Breach Notification Law
  • [12/11/13] Auditor Edelen Releases Kentucky Retirement Systems Audit, Finds 19 Deficiencies
  • [11/21/13] Auditor Announces Special Exam in Dayton Results in a Half-Million Dollars Returned to Taxpayers
  • [11/13/13] Auditor to conduct special examination of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport board
    Press Conference Video
  • [11/5/13] Auditor to Host Good Government Summit in Central Kentucky
  • [10/23/13] 2013 Auditor of Public Accounts Peer Review Report
  • [10/22/13] Archived Videos, Presentations from Inaugural Good Government Summit Now Available
    Good Government Summit Page
  • [10/22/13] Auditor Releases Examination of Martin County Schools
  • [10/14/13] Auditor Marks First-Ever Effort by a Kentucky Auditor to Examine Education Spending
  • [9/25/13] Auditor to Host Good Government Summit in Northern Kentucky
  • [9/9/13] Scam Alert: Fraudulent Letter to Retirees Claims Auditor of Public Accounts Will Seek Repayment
    Example of Letter
  • [8/21/13] Auditor Appoints Haire to Kentucky Registry of Election Finance
  • [8/6/13] Auditor Releases Kentucky Emergency Management Special Examination, Finds Administration Threatened Whistleblowers and Spent More Than $100,000 of Public Funds for Parties and Other Questioned Expense
    Press Conference Video
  • [7/31/13] Auditor Releases Medicaid Managed Care Review, Expresses Concerns about State’s Readiness for 300,000 New Members. Auditor Also Worries About Impact on Small Rural Hospitals
  • [7/25/13] Auditor Releases HealthFirst Special Examination, Finds Project Manager Pre-Selected, Has Conflict of Interest
    Press Conference Video
  • [7/24/13] Auditor Calls on Legislature to Strengthen Cyber Security Protections for Kentuckians
  • [7/16/13] Auditor Wins National Award for Special District Reform
  • [7/10/13] Auditor Finds New Concerns about Superintendent Contracts, Evaluations in Latest School District Special Examinations
  • [5/1/13] Auditor Applauds Signing of House Bill 1 by Governor
  • [4/24/13] Auditor to Examine Jefferson County Public Schools, Accepts Request to Perform a Comprehensive Review of Management and Spending Practices
    Press Conference Video
  • [3/14/13] Auditor and Education Commissioner Holliday Call for Superintendent Contracts, Benefits, Evaluations to be More Transparent to Taxpayers
  • [3/12/13] Auditor Praises Bipartisan Agreement on Landmark Legislation Reforming Special Districts. Measure Bringing Transparency, Accountability to ‘Ghost Government’ Will Likely Become Law.
  • [3/7/13] Auditor Releases Examination of Dayton Independent Schools, Finds Scandalous Abuses in Payments to Former Superintendent
    Press Conference Video
  • [12/20/12] Auditor Releases Examination of Bluegrass MH/MR, Questions Executive Benefits, Certain Expenditures; Recommends Board Strengthen Controls
  • [11/14/12] Auditor Finds $2.7 Billion Ghost Government in Kentucky; Creates First Ever Database of Special Districts Six-month effort results in call for legislative reform, more transparency and accountability
  • [10/30/12] Auditor Releases Examination of Garrett Fire District/Department, Finds Rampant Abuse of Tax Dollars, Lack of Oversight
  • [10/24/12] Auditor Releases Mason County Schools Examination, Finds Excessive Spending, Benefits for the Superintendent
  • [10/10/12] Auditor Releases Examination of the Breathitt County Board of Education.
  • [9/19/12] Auditor Releases Examination of Procurement, Travel by Kenton County School District Food Services Personnel. Out-of-State Travel Appears Excessive; 46 Employees Attended Same Conference Costing District More Than $40,000
  • [6/12/12] AUDITOR’S ALERT - Attention: Special Districts (taxing districts and non-taxing districts). The Auditor’s Office, in the form of an Auditor’s Alert, periodically provides notifications, guidance, and recommendations to public officials regarding fiscal matters, accountability, and best practices.
  • [6/6/12] Auditor announces major initiative to shine light on special districts. Builds large, diverse coalition to support undertaking; plans database to give taxpayers more oversight
    Special District Categories
    List of Organizations
  • [5/23/12] Auditor releases QCCT examination, finds board governance of indigent care fund insufficient t o provide accountability. Recommends new board structure and agreement; urges continued commitment to caring for the Metro area’s most vulnerable citizens
  • [4/30/12] Auditor releases Department of Agriculture special examination, finds former commissioner misused state resources, employees for personal benefit. Extravagant conference at taxpayers’ expense, serious personnel and management issues also identified; report to be referred to law enforcement
    Press Conference Video
  • [4/11/12] Auditor helps usher accountability legislation into law. Measure lets Executive Branch Ethics Commission share information with the auditor’s office
  • [4/10/12] Auditor launches citizen-auditor portal, new website on 100th day in office. Medicaid managed care review, audit of the Department of Agriculture under the former commissioner also are highlights of his first three months as Auditor of Public Accounts
  • [2/29/12] Auditor issued 10 common-sense proposals aimed at providing immediate fixes to the state’s new Medicaid managed care system and announced the creation of a unit in his office to monitor the long-term effectiveness of the program that provides health care to more than 700,000 Kentuckians.
    Letter to the MCOs
  • [1/26/12] Auditor of Public Accounts  announced his plans to conduct a financial review and management audit of the Quality and Charity Care Trust, which is responsible for disbursing more than $30 million in state and local indigent care money to University Hospital in Louisville.
  • [1/25/12] State Auditor told the House Budget Review Subcommittee on General Government, Finance and Public Protection that a proposed 8.4 percent cut to his office's budget would hurt, but he would find a way to do more with less.
  • [1/11/12] State Auditor To Examine Previous KDA Administration. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer on Wednesday formally requested that Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen conduct a special examination of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture
    Press Conference Video