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Auditor Edelen Releases Special Report on Sexual Assault Evidence in Kentucky, Finding 3,090 Untested Sexual Assault Kits and Breakdowns in the Process for Handling Kits
Auditor Calls for Most Kits to be Submitted and Tested; New Policies and Training for Law Enforcement; Reform and More Resources at the Laboratory

Auditor Adam Edelen on Monday announced there are 3,090 untested sexual assault evidence kits in the Commonwealth and pledged to help fix a broken system that denies victims justice, jeopardizes public safety and clogs up the criminal justice system.

“The results of this initiative are stomach-turning,” Auditor Edelen said. “When a victim has the courage to undergo an invasive and traumatizing exam after an assault, he or she deserves to have the evidence in that sexual assault kit analyzed. One of government’s fundamental responsibilities is to bring these rapists to justice.”



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Auditor Edelen Releases Special Examination into City of Somerset, Finds Employees Feared Retaliation, Officials Conducted City Business with Little Accountability
Report will be Referred to the Attorney General, Other State Agencies

Auditor Adam Edelen today released a special examination into the City of Somerset, finding that city employees feared retaliation, city officials generally ignored city policies and ordinances – if they existed at all – and made spending and management decisions without proper oversight or accountability.

The report describes a city management that didn’t competitively bid at least $280,000 worth of services, did not consistently contract for or have oversight of negotiated industrial natural gas rates, hires and pays personnel not established or authorized by city council and at times operated outside the confines of city policies, ordinances, and other laws.






Auditor Edelen Releases Recommendations to Improve Efficiency and Accountability in Kentucky’s Public School Districts
KDE Commissioner Holliday Encourages School Boards, Administrators to Review Auditor’s Report

Auditor Adam Edelen today released 75 recommendations to help school districts become more efficient and effective in their use of taxpayer dollars.

The recommendations are contained in a report that was developed based on findings during the Auditor’s office examinations of 21 school districts since 2012. Districts are not required to adopt all recommendations in the report; however, they are encouraged to review and identify recommendations that could be implemented in their districts to improve fiscal oversight, Auditor Edelen said.








Auditor Edelen Releases Special Examination of Fairview Independent Schools, Finding Out-of-Control Spending on Activities, Athletics with General Fund Dollars
Report Also Highlights Title IX Concerns, Other Questionable Expenditures; Will be Referred to Law Enforcement, EPSB

Auditor Adam Edelen today released a special examination of the Fairview Independent School District, finding that $360,000 of general fund money was transferred to school activity funds over three years with little to no school board knowledge.

The 63-page report, which will be referred to law enforcement and the Education Professional Standards Board, describes a tiny district in far northeastern Kentucky that allowed its athletics and other activities to deficit spend with no oversight, and then plugged any holes with money that could’ve been used for instructional purposes at the end of the year. The excessive spending on the football program also likely resulted in the District violating Title IX requirements by spending more on boy’s sports than on girls’ sports.






Auditor Edelen Launches special examination of TIF project
in downtown Bowling Green

Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen announced that his office is launching a special examination into a commercial development deal in the downtown Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district that went sour.

The project collapsed this year after restaurants in the commercial wrap of the parking garage in Block 6 of the Bowling Green TIF district went under and contractors alleged they hadn’t been paid. The county then sued the project manager, alleging it misspent $4 million in industrial revenue bond money. Efforts are underway to revive the project with new bonds and a new project manager.


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