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Auditor Harmon Tells Legislative Panel His Agency Will Make Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Work
Auditor made first appearance before Budget Review Subcommittee to discuss plans for two-year budget

Mike Harmon, Kentucky’s 47th Auditor of Public Accounts (APA), today said his agency will make Governor Matt Bevin’s proposed cuts in the next two-year budget work during a presentation to the Budget Review Subcommittee on General Government, Finance and Public Protection in Frankfort.

“Given the dire straits our public pension system is in financially, we understand the great need to address the funding deficit immediately,” said Auditor Harmon. “We have called for and support Governor Bevin’s plans to audit KRS and KTRS. Many state agencies have had to tighten their belts, and we are prepared to do the same.”







Auditor Harmon Releases First Volume of Annual Statewide Audit of Commonwealth of Kentucky
Issues with transfer of funds to UI account among Auditor’s concerns in 2015 report

Mike Harmon, Kentucky’s 47th Auditor of Public Accounts (APA), today released the first volume of the annual statewide audit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the Fiscal Year ended on June 30, 2015.

“It is always imperative for state government to operate as efficiently as possible with the proper safeguards and measures in place,” said Auditor Harmon in releasing the report. “This annual audit is one way we seek to identify issues within state government, and to provide guidance and discussion with agencies on how to best address them.”







State Auditor Releases Examination into Bowling Green TIF Project, Finding a Lack of Oversight, Misspending of TIF Revenues

State Auditor on Tuesday released a special examination into an economic development project in downtown Bowling Green, untangling a complex public-private deal that is facing a $4.5 million deficit.

The Auditor’s office initiated the examination into the project’s financial activities in June at the request of the City of Bowling Green and Warren County Fiscal Court.

“I hope this report provides clarity and assists in resolving the issues associated with what is otherwise one of the best examples of downtown revitalization in the Commonwealth,” State Auditor said.









State Auditor Releases Examination into City of Prestonsburg, Finding Questionable Spending by Former Mayor, Former Comptroller
Lack of Controls, Conflicts of Interest and other Issues Identified by Auditors; Exam to be Referred to KSP, others

State Auditor on Wednesday released an examination into the City of Prestonsburg, finding wasteful spending and questionable activity by the former mayor and comptroller.

The examination is being referred to the Kentucky State Police, Attorney General, and the local ethics board.

“The former administration was cutting sweetheart deals for itself, wasting taxpayer dollars and generally running the city for the benefit of a few,” State Auditor said.

Auditors found the former mayor had a conflict of interest related to a real estate deal in which he was involved both personally and in his official capacity in the transaction.










State Auditor Releases Examination into City of West Buechel, Finding Wasteful Spending, Questionable Purchases and Lack of Accounting

State Auditor on Thursday released an examination into the City of West Buechel, finding a lack of controls that appear to have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in questionable spending and decisions being made by the former administration without City Council’s knowledge and approval.

The examination is being referred to the Attorney General, FBI and Kentucky Department of Revenue.

The examination by the Auditor’s office was severely limited due to significant missing accounting records and unreliable computer-generated information from the City’s accounting system.

“This city of roughly 1,300 residents is a mess,” State Auditor said. “I’d say it has been run poorly, but I’m not sure it was being run at all. When you don’t know what property you own, investments you’ve made or bank accounts you possess, how on earth can you effectively manage taxpayer dollars? If this city can’t be governed properly, perhaps this community needs to reexamine its current structure.”


Image of City of Somerset Seal 



State Auditor Releases Special Report on Sexual Assault Evidence in Kentucky, Finding 3,090 Untested Sexual Assault Kits and Breakdowns in the Process for Handling Kits
Auditor Calls for Most Kits to be Submitted and Tested; New Policies and Training for Law Enforcement; Reform and More Resources at the Laboratory

State Auditor on Monday announced there are 3,090 untested sexual assault evidence kits in the Commonwealth and pledged to help fix a broken system that denies victims justice, jeopardizes public safety and clogs up the criminal justice system.

“The results of this initiative are stomach-turning,” State Auditor said. “When a victim has the courage to undergo an invasive and traumatizing exam after an assault, he or she deserves to have the evidence in that sexual assault kit analyzed. One of government’s fundamental responsibilities is to bring these rapists to justice.”




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