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    Auditor Edelen releases Fayette County Public Schools special examination, finds fiscal mismanagement, disparities between administrative and faculty benefits

    Auditor Adam Edelen on Wednesday released a special examination of Fayette County Public Schools, finding chronic mismanagement of the district’s budget and finances that have contributed to its financial instability.

    Auditors did not find any evidence of alleged criminal activity; however, they determined that poor financial management, weak policies and failed communications culminated in a weakened financial position for the district.  

    “This examination found that unfortunately, it’s not all about the kids,” Auditor Edelen said. “Mismanagement of the finances of the state’s 2nd largest school district, with an annual budget of more than $400 million, is obviously very troubling. But even more so is a culture within certain elements of management that does not reflect the district’s purported values. Our kids deserve better.”




      Auditor Edelen Releases CVG special examination, calls for restructuring board
      Recommends governor, legislature revise laws to clean up decades-old mess

      Auditor Adam Edelen on Tuesday released a special examination of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) board, calling for an overhaul of the governance structure to end decades of waste and abuse and better reflect the regional significance of the airport.

      “For far too long, CVG has served as a political appendage of the Kenton County judge/executive,” Auditor Edelen said. “One individual literally controls an airport that serves a metropolitan area of 2.1 million people and is critical to the economic vitality of the region and two states. Today, I am proposing reform to bring much-needed accountability and representation that reflects all the stakeholders of this regional asset.” 


      Auditor Adam Edelen to conduct public hearings to assess the fiscal health of rural hospitals

      Auditor Adam Edelen will host a series of public hearings across the Commonwealth this summer to talk about the fiscal health of rural hospitals.

      The 10 hearings kick off a study by the Auditor’s office that seeks to understand the challenges facing small, community hospitals that provide health care to 45 percent of Kentuckians and are key economic drivers in those communities.  

      “Rural hospitals are teetering on the edge of survival in many Kentucky communities,” Auditor Edelen said. “This is an effort to understand the degree to which our hospitals are in crisis and what might be done to save them.”


      Auditor Adam Edelen Applauds Signing of Cyber Security Legislation
      Bipartisan Measures Ensure Kentuckians Alerted if Their Sensitive Data is Compromised

      Auditor of Public Accounts Adam Edelen on Wednesday celebrated the signing of two bills aimed at strengthening cyber protections for all Kentuckians.

      Auditor Edelen worked with a bipartisan group of lawmakers during the 2014 General Assembly to pass House Bill 5, which requires state and local governments to notify Kentuckians if their confidential, sensitive data is compromised. It incentivizes government to take additional steps to protect that information.  

      “Government collects mountains of sensitive data on each and every one of us,” Auditor Edelen said. “Kentuckians have the right to know if it is compromised so they can take steps to protect themselves.”



      Auditor Edelen Releases JCPS Exam, Making More Than 200 Recommendations That Affect Classroom Funding, Address Inflated Bureaucracy

      Largest Review Ever Conducted by the Auditor’s Office Expected to Save District Tens of Millions of Dollars, Act as Catalyst for Making JCPS One of the Best Districts in the Country

      The largest review ever conducted by the Auditor’s office identified outdated and inefficient operations that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a school board that doesn’t provide adequate oversight, an inconsistent contracting process, a toothless internal audit system and serious security and privacy concerns.  




      Auditor Edelen Releases Audit of Kentucky’s Title VI (Civil Rights) Reporting and Implementation Plans

      Auditor Adam Edelen today released the fiscal year 2012-13 Title VI compliance audit of state government agencies that receive federal funds and must comply with state law by submitting Title VI reports and implementation plan updates to the Auditor’s office and the Human Rights Commission by July 1 of each year.

      Title VI of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits any state agency receiving federal funds from denying access to a program on the basis of race, color or national origin. 



      Edelen releases volume two of state audit, expresses concern over KYEM’s refusal to address findings

      Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen has released the second part of the annual statewide audit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for fiscal year ending June 30, 2013, finding continued concerns at Kentucky Emergency Management.

      The audit contains 36 findings with recommendations and notes more than $3.7 million in questioned costs.






      Auditor Edelen praises prison sentence for former superintendent

      Auditor Edelen on Tuesday applauded the two-year federal prison sentence handed down to former Dayton Independent Schools Superintendent Gary Rye for embezzling taxpayer money from the tiny Northern Kentucky district.

      “Today was a powerful demonstration that there are consequences for stealing from children,” Auditor Edelen said. “I am pleased justice was served as a result of our work last year and our partnership with the new leadership at the school district. Education is the most important moral obligation we have as a Commonwealth and the largest investment taxpayers make. I will continue to be present in education, making sure school systems run for the benefit of children and taxpayers.”


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